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“Success comes from doing small things with great effort.” Azizah Isdiana – ROLE Models trainee as a waitress

Where are you from? Banyuwangi, Java.

What do you think about this R.O.L.E program and how did you get the opportunity?

R.O.L.E is not merely another organization. It is like a home and school blended into one.R.O.L.E has helped me to gain confidence too. My friend told me about it and I am now studying basic F&B skills, English, gardening and cooking at their training center in Nusa Dua.

What gets you excited about being a R.O.L.E student? And what makes you nervous?
The knowledge and training program that R.O.L.E is giving is something I thought I would only get if I had enough money to pay for it. But I am able to have this education because of the R.O.L.E sponsorship, and the most appealing perk is that it gives me an opportunity to train at AYANA.

Has a career in the hotel industry always been your passion? If so, in which area specifically?
No I never thought it would be possible. But since R.O.L.E got me here to AYANA, I have a new dream!

What is your message to friends?
Success does not come in the blink of an eye. It is a continuous effort that starts with a small step. And I am so glad that I took my first step with both R.O.L.E and AYANA. I am suggesting my friends join R.O.L.E too.

What do you want to achieve?
My new dream, which is to be a professional hotelier.

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