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“Try hard.Try harder.” Robiatul – ROLE Models trainee at Pastry Kitchen

Where are you from? Malang, Java.

What do you think about this R.O.L.E program and how did you get the opportunity?
I see R.O.L.E as the perfect organization to support us and help us as women to reach our dreams, no matter how hard things may be for us, be it financial difficulties, or not having a good enough educational background. I heard about R.O.L.E from a friend. Now, I am studying English, cooking, basic working skills at the training center.

What gets you excited about being a R.O.L.E student? And what makes you nervous?
That I can learn English every single day and practice it with my tutors at the training center and at AYANA. But I have to admit that working and being trained by AYANA’s professionals gets me anxious too.

Has a career in the hotel industry always been your passion? If so, in which area specifically?
Yes. I have a passion for pastry and am also interested in housekeeping.

What is your message to friends?
Keep on trying to reach you goals. Nothing in the world should be big enough to stop you. When you try to do your best, you will be surprised to see that everything can fall into the right place. Like what R.O.L.E and AYANA do for me.

What do you want to achieve?
To be a pastry chef or open my own business. First, as soon as I complete my training program, I will apply for a job!


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