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Formula 1 mania is about to descend upon Singapore yet again, but noise, stench and stress are not everyone’s dea of a good time. Some Singaporeans like Willin Low, acclaimed lawyer who changed his business suit for a white jacket and tall hat, are escaping to Bali.

Before building a reputation as one of Singapore’s most awarded and dynamic Chef – Restaurateurs, Willin Low led a life as a corporate lawyer from Mondays to Fridays. In the last two years of his full-time legal career, he would shed his corporate suit to become a private chef-for-hire on weekends.

In October 2004, Willin decided to make the bold move of switching careers. Though he had achieved much success as a law practitioner, Willin took up a trainee position with the Garibaldi Group. As the stars aligned, he officially hung the sharp tailored suit and changed into a white jacket, opening his signature restaurant Wild Rocket at Mount Emily a year later.

At Wild Rocket, Chef Willin applied his culinary philosophy of serving food that he himself would love to eat – Western food with a local twist. As a self-taught chef, one advantage Chef Willin has is that he possess a style that is unique and perhaps even quirky. Most of his dishes are inspired by hawker fare; his childhood craves; or by an interesting ingredient discovered while travelling. “Cooking is about providing happiness. Providing good food and service is the most basic need anyone requires. I think that is why I love cooking – and eating – so much ” says Willin.

It is safe to say that during the F1 season, there will be a noticeable absence of engine oil as Chef Willin brings his Wild Rocket recipes to Dava 21-23 September as guest chef, invited by fellow Singaporean, Dava chef de cuisine Jusman So – founder-chef of Singapore’ much-lauded Sage
restaurant (2010/2011 Miele List). Jusman will lend his kitchen to Chef Willin for three nights to serve up a special degustation menu, giving Dava guests the opportunity to experience another of Singapore’s culinary gems.

The F1 Fatigue menu by the guest chef, Willin Low from Wild Rocket in Singapore, will run from Friday, 21st September, till Sunday, 23rd September.

The prices for the menu are as follows:

4 courses @ Rp490,000 / 6 courses @ Rp650,000 / 8 courses @Rp790,000


2 Responses to “Dynamic Duo at Dava”

  1. Leslie Eddy says:

    Definitely a dynamite duo & wish I was back at Dava to experience both Chef’s Jusman So & Willin Low special degustation menu. As now after eating a couple of times while Jusman tat Dava & after eating also at Wild Rocket in Singapore!! The two would have a sensational mouthwatering menu on offer I can only imagine. And both are just lovely people to say hi too. So hello to you both & I look forward to more of your amazing cooking. Kind regarded Leslie Eddy Perth Australia

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