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Fourteen underprivileged Indonesian women have begun three months of on-the-job training at AYANA Resort and Spa Bali as part of the second annual ‘ROLE MODELS’ program, in partnership with R.O.L.E Foundation. The women are training as either Food & Beverage servers, Cooks or Spa Therapists.

Well-Placed Insider had an up close interview with one of them, Maria Ekawati.

” Many dare to dream… But not all of them are bold enough to wake up and try to make it come true. I woke up from my dream, found ROLE and I am now getting closer every day to grasp a realization”- Maria Ekawati, R.O.L.E Foundation student and trainee at Thermes Marins Bali at AYANA.

Where are you from?
Riau, Sumatra. I have lived in Bali for more than 10 years.

What do you think about this R.O.L.E program and how did you get the opportunity?
A social division clerk at church shared the information about it. I remember, around 18 women registered. Knowing that R.O.L.E can provide education and training programs, and not to mention the job offers R.O.L.E can link us to. I signed up as well. At R.O.L.E, I study English, gardening, basic F&B service, and the most important for me is Spa training at R.O.L.E ‘s Nusa Dua training facility.

What gets you excited about being a R.O.L.E student? And what makes you nervous?
The training is hard. From the total 18 friends I know registered, 15 have already left. But… to carry the AYANA name on your shoulder, even only as a trainee… to me, this is big. Real big. On the other side, that name is what is getting me nervous too. I always question myself, what did I do to deserve this wonderful opportunity? How can I deliver as expected by the guests who are assuredly a high profile? Will I disappoint my seniors at AYANA? How to make them proud?

Has a career in the hotel industry always been your passion? If so, in which area specifically?
I dream about it, I wish for it, I visualize it in my everyday life. I am a big believer of reaching for a big dream and this is one such dream. My passion is in the Spa industry. So, you can imagine how thankful I am to get my first chance at this worldly known Spa.

What is your message to your other friends?
Dream big. But do not forget to wake up!

What do you want to achieve?
Be a professional spa therapist. And with this training program at AYANA, I think I am armed enough to someday apply for a job. Maybe… at AYANA.

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