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Well-Placed Insider is starting to get all giddy about the next performer at Rock Bar . If you also have been eyeing the high tide chart of this ‘must see’ bar in Bali, do not forget to save the date to be part of the crowd this 20-21 July 2012, with Kristian Hernandez!

Not only did his fame come from his talent as a turntablist, but also from his uncanny ability to stir up a dance floor all across the globe from Sydney to Paris, London, New York, Japan and many other places in between. Kristian Hernandez is a big believer of universality in music. The
result is a multi-genre style of Afro Latin rhythms, funk meters, jazz, soul and hip hop blended into a harmony that only Kristian can live up to.

Get ready to dance!


Kristian Hernandez


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