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“What is in a name? That which we call a rose… By any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare

Do you believe that a name can tell a lot about a person, a character? Here, Well-Placed Insider shares a story of how this resort got its name.

Wayan Suarnaya, aka Linud is a Balinese man whose official duty is to share the culture of Bali with visitors at the resort. He is also the person who christened AYANA. How did he come up with the resort’s iconic name?

One day, he was reading ‘Purana’, an epic Sanskrit story about the Goddess Ambika or Durga leading the eight Matrikas in battle against the demon Raktabija. The story referred to ‘ayana’, a place where the gods took a rest. Linud was struck by the concept and he kept thinking back to it, as he visualized AYANA as such a utopia that is so hushed, tranquil and holy that even gods would lay there for quiescence.

When a competition to name the resort’s 3-bedroom Presidential Villa was held in 2008, Linud submitted the name AYANA to the management, as it so perfectly suited the sanctuary offered by the luxurious 3-bedroom villa located on the cliff-edge. With lush gardens, pool and gazebo facing the ocean, he thought it is not difficult to imagine that gods would seek respite in such a beautiful place.

Needless to say, Linud won the competition. The name struck such a chord with guests and team members alike that a year later, when the property rebranded, management decided to use AYANA as the name for the Resort, as it reflected the ambience and tranquility of the whole property. A place where the gods would seek refuge from everyday pressures, to rebalance and refresh their senses.

Now you may also be interseted to know how Linud got his name; it is an acronym of Lintas Udara, which means The Air Force. Seems he was always destined to reach great heights!

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