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Being chosen to be the first staff blogger for AYANA is a bit overwhelming! I was not sure what I should write but then someone asked me, how about sharing some examples of how your staff have gone beyond expectations to serve their customers? Since I am in charge of our team of butlers, who are Graduates of the Guild of Professional

Butlers’ Certification Program in the UK and are on 24-hour call for our Villa guests, I knew I could get some interesting stories from them. Here’s a sample; if anyone has any other examples of how they’ve received service beyond expectations whilst traveling, please do share them with us! We love to be inspired.

  • Fast-food Bali-style: You may have heard of Warung Ibu Oka’s in Ubud? This famous warung serves ‘babi guling’ or Balinese suckling pig, which is a delicacy normally served at large ceremonies. One couple at AYANA had heard about how Ibu Oka’s babi guling could not be beaten, and so they asked their butler to go to Ubud, a 1.5 hour drive north, to collect 2 takeaway orders and bring them back to the hotel. They were not disappointed!
  • Off-duty delivery: A couple who got married at AYANA wanted to share the spices and flavors of Padang food (from Sumatra) with their close family. Their butler went to a warung (restaurant) some distance away and ordered 15 ‘nasi Padang’ for the group. They liked it so much they ordered another 15 the same day, and although the same butler was off duty by this time, he left his house to collect and deliver this to them.
  • Meeting the family: Some guests become so close with one particular butler, that they will often be invited to the butler;s home to share a meal, attend a ceremony at their family temple, or go on a tour of the island on the butler’s day off. Similarly, some guests have asked their butler to be their guest at a restaurant, outside of working hours.

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture! These examples go far beyond the formal training of any butler, and showcase the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Balinese. They really will go out of their way to help make a guest

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