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AYANA’s Pastry Chef Made ‘Dena’ Sutisna has won many awards during his years in the pastry world. As he brings home the gold trophy from the recent Salon Culinaire event in Bali for his ‘Chinese Dragon’ sugar sculpture, he again proves himself as a non settler who keeps setting a higher bar every time he reaches a milestone.
We converse with him to find out the reasons behind his perseverance, why he thinks art is the core that embodies his passion, and how pastry can be his legacy for the future….

1. Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
Chef: I am from Denpasar both by birth and ancestry. I never lived elsewhere… this island is my flesh and blood.

2. At what age did your interest in cooking and/or pastry start? Was it part of your upbringing? Family business?
Chef: It was my uncle’s influence. He lived at our family’s house when I was little. I used to watch him bake, making cookies and believe it or not, I will always remember how our kitchen smelled so sweet and sugary at that time.

3. Are you formally educated in pastry/baking or did you go the apprenticeship route? Or both?
Chef: I say both. But the strongest pillars came from my apprenticeship.

4. Can you point to chefs or individuals who were influential in your pastry skills and development?
Chef: Easy. My ex boss. I can recite you the year I first work with him; 1996. His name is Bill McCarrick. He never underestimates his team, always open for new ideas and is generous with his knowledge and skill.

5. How is the appreciation of pastry and chocolate evolving in Indonesia?
Chef: For Indonesia in general, both private sectors and the government have shown a good appreciation and support. But Bali should be able to come up with something independently. This is something that requires an enormous effort form the Chef

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