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Translated from German, Zeitgeist means "the spirit of the moment", and is the key principle underpinning AYANA's service philosophy. Here, we share our inside tips and favorite haunts to help you experience the AYANA Zeitgeist.

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“When I serve from the heart, I get an equal amount of happiness as how my guests feel at the end of the day.”

1. What is your role at AYANA?
Villa Butler

2. How long have you been with the resort?
10 years

3. How would you define great service?
I serve genuinely from the heart with no materialistic expectation. The biggest reward is when I see them smiling and returning as our loyal guest many times.

4. You are called an AYANA Superstar because you always go the extra mile to ensure a memorable stay for guests. Can you share an example of a time when you were able to help a guest or wow them with a surprise?

I had a guest whose daughter lost her bracelet somewhere in the resort. The guest explained that the bracelet had a lot of sentimental value as she got it from a priest and had been wearing it for many years. I found the bracelet one day in their villa after they checked out and shipped it back to her. They were very happy.

Another occasion, I was serving a couple who got married at AYANA. On the day after their wedding, I delivered a hand bouquet to the new bride with a ‘congratulations’ note. The day after, I picked some flowers from our gardens and arranged them on the entrance path to the villa in a heart shape. She was very touched with these small thoughtful gestures.

5. What would you recommend every AYANA guest experience?
Rock Bar, Spa on the Rocks and romantic dining in one of our private venues.

6. Do you have anybody you look up to or are inspired by?
My parents taught me on how to serve sincerely without expecting anything in return. Mr Robert Watson and Mr Ton de Wit from the Guild of Professional Butlers in the UK, who have taught me fundamental lessons about service, especially that genuine service knows no boundaries and it does not necessarily cost a lot.

7. What do you like to do in your time off?
Spend time with my family back at home in Singaraja, North Bali.


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