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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance,you must keep moving.”Albert Einstein.

AYANA’ cultural ambassador Linud not only christened the resort (read the full story here:What is in a Name?), but is also one tough cyclist who has toured on two wheels around Bali, Java, Sumbawa and is now taking his wheels to Switzerland.

Well-Placed Insider caught up with him for an up-close interview:

  • When did you first fall in love with cycling?It all started when I was a kid and I used to cycle around my neighborhood. It was during a touring expedition in 1993 that I got hooked and before I could realize it, I was already in deep love with my new passion of cycling.
  • Do you often spend your day-off cycling around the island?There was a time when I used to do so. I used to completely indulge myself cycling to new villages and struggled to find quality time with my family. My wife used to get so furious that one day she broke my bicycle’s wheel. You can very well imagine the intensity of her disappointment! But ever since, I scheduled ?one day only each week for biking.
  • When was your last big cycling tour?Where did you go?My last big cycling tour was to Komodo?National Park in September 2012. The National Park is located on Komodo Island, between the?islands?of Sumbawa and Flores. It was organized by Kompas; a publishing house in Indonesia and the tour was supported by the government. Komodo island is famous for its natural habitat and as the home to the?komodo dragon (the largest lizard on earth). I was also privileged to meet Mr Zulkifli Hassan, Indonesia’s Minister of Forestry during the event. The experience of seeing all the komodos and the new friendships forged during the trip made it an unforgettable 654km cycling tour.
  • When is your next big tour?My next cycling tour is scheduled in July this year and I am very excited, yet nervous, to be going to Switzerland. It will start on 25th?of July and continue until the 8th?of August . I will also be participating in the Bali Triathlon on 23 June 2013. The Triathlon is a very good event for me to join, not just because of the trophy but I also see it as a training ground where I can test and stretch my ability to achieve more. This year it is good timing for me, as the Triathlon will set the pace for the tour through the Swiss Alps.
  • Will you teach your children to pursue a similar hobby?I will try and teach them, but I will not push them into it. They can have other hobbies that they truly like. My son loves football and I am happy that he likes it. I think everyone has a right to choose their hobbies and I will support my son’s choice.
  • How is your role at AYANA affected by your hobby?My hobby of cycling completely harmonizes with my role at AYANA and helps me to stay fit. I am lucky that my role as Guest Activities Attendant gives me an additional opportunity to be on my bicycle, as I lead guests on bicycle tours around Jimbaran and the resort.
  • What is your dream bicycle?A titanium bike with 29-inch wheels. The material is light but very strong and can last for years. I may buy it after my Swiss tour.
  • Any philosophy of cycling that you can share?Cycling is like our life, it is more to the journey rather than the destination. There are up-hills and down-hills. When we are confronted with trials and hardships, it

Well-Placed Insider chats with 5 people to find out more what they really think and feel about this magical 24 hour in total silence known as Nyepi.

An expatriate:Giordano Faggioli

How many years have you lived in Bali?2 and and a half years.

What does Nyepi mean to you?Nyepi is definitely a unique festival. I am usually at work during Nyepi and I partake in the ogoh-ogoh parade around the hotel on Nyepi Eve with the team members and guests. Then for Nyepi Day, all guests of the resort are in-house, as no one can leave the property for 24 hours. The noise is kept to a minimum, all lights are dimmed and guests enjoy a peaceful view of the ocean. Quite amazing!

What amazes you the most about Nyepi?The absolute silence as a result of ‘non activity’ throughout the island.

Can you share tips for tourists who will be in Bali for Nyepi?Embrace it and experience it to the fullest. If you choose to stay in a resort or hotel, enjoy what is organized there be it the ogoh-ogoh parade, special dinner or activity, and learn to understand the roots of this festival.

A Balinese woman:Tri Widyastuti

Which part of Bali are you from?I am from West Bali, a small village called Menega.

What amazes you the most about Nyepi?The total silence it brings, since no vehicle or machinery is allowed to operate (which also means Bali airport closes down), no fire or electricity may be used, and no chores or work may be done. On Nyepi Day, Balinese people stay inside their house and gather with their family.

As a Balinese woman and mother, is there a particular ritual that you are obliged to do??Yes, Balinese women usually prepare offerings for Pengrupukan day. This is one day before Nyepi. We do a blessing ritual in and around the house and pray to the gods that the demons shall never come into our lives.

Can you share tips for tourists who will be in Bali for Nyepi?I recommend they stay at a hotel. The rules are more relaxed, as long as you do not leave the hotel grounds. Each hotel minimizes use of lighting and power, halts its shuttle/car service, and asks guests not to wander around outside or leave the property. But otherwise guests are welcome to use the resort grounds, restaurants, spa and other facilities as normal, while keeping noise to a minimum.

A city girl: Melinda Martini

Where are you from and how many years have you lived in Bali?I come from a busy city,Jakarta,and have been living in this paradise for 3 wonderful years.

Can you tell me about your first Nyepi experience?My first Nyepi,I stayed home and honestly I did not prepare anything. That was my mistake. I did not have any food and did not rent any movies. It almost felt like I was celebrating being in a ‘pause’ of life. So the next Nyepi, I was more experienced and prepared. I stayed at a hotel and ate, met people and took part in the cultural activities in the hotel.

What amazes you the most about Nyepi?I love watching the ogoh-ogoh procession, one day before Nyepi.? Also, the blue sky and fresh air that greets you early in the morning after Nyepi.

Can you share tips for tourists who will be in Bali for Nyepi?Stay in a hotel. ?That way you do not have to worry about grocery shopping before Nyepi which can be a pain because usually the queues at the supermarket are very long. Go to the spa, relax in the pool, order food and enjoy the complete tranquility!

A Balinese Priest:Made Suwitri

Which part of Bali are you from?I am from Kedonganan.

What amazes you the most about Nyepi?As a Balinese Priest, this is like the ‘ground zero’. Where we can do a meditation, and do a self-reflection.

As a Balinese priest a particular ritual that you are obliged to do?I do not lead the ceremony because my husband is also a priest. But, I help by preparing all the offerings needed.

What is the most challenging thing about celebrating Nyepi?I am doing it with all my heart and soul. So, there is nothing about Nyepi that I do not do wholeheartedly. However, when I was a younger parents, it was pretty hardtop tell my kids about the meaning of Nyepi. They did not find being in silence as something exciting. It is our responsibility as parents to cascade this religious tradition to the next generation.

A Balinese Kid: A.A Ayu Antika

How old are you?I am 8 and a half

What amazes you the most about Nyepi?It is just so quiet I cannot hear a sound. And no vehicles on the street!

Is there anything that you do not like about it?At night, it can be very dark and we are not allowed to play out in the street… and… oh, No TV! That is the worst. But I can spend time by just playing at home with my little brother.

Can you give advice to your friends on how to spend Nyepi at home?Maybe try a new thing at home like helping your parents in preparing the meals like what I am learning to do. I do that if my brother gets annoyed by me.