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Translated from German, Zeitgeist means "the spirit of the moment", and is the key principle underpinning AYANA's service philosophy. Here, we share our inside tips and favorite haunts to help you experience the AYANA Zeitgeist.

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Here’s an up close interview by Well-Placed Insider with AYANA’s Russian speaking Guest Relations Officer, Tania Sovinska.

What brings you to Bali?
This might sound cheesy, but honestly…It is love. I am married to an Indonesian man. We met a few years ago when he and I both were at this ‘Work and Training’ program in the US. It was a cross cultural program at the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. We became close, got married in Jakarta, and let our daring young love bring us to Bali where we both applied for jobs in the hotel industry.

What do you like most about living in Bali?
When I first landed here, it was just a day before Nyepi. It was so magical. I experienced living in a totally ‘shut down’ island, no TV, no lights, sound kept to a minimum, and no one allowed to leave the house for that day. I always wonder how the Balinese have lived according to that belief and religious tradition for centuries and are still proudly living it to this day.

How did you learn to speak Russian fluently?
I learned it from books, TV shows and daily conversations. I never took a formal course but Russian is a regional language in the Ukraine.

I am sure it helps you a lot in doing your job?
Yes, I feel comfortable speaking to Russian guests at AYANA and they feel comfortable in delivering their requests and feedback to me as well. This is an important element in guest service, since it will enhance their engagement with the hotel too. In my department, I have a Balinese friend who speaks Russian too!

How do you enjoy living and working in such a multi-cultural environment?
I love it a lot. I love getting to know the Balinese culture, how they do their prayers and offerings to their gods. I also have friends from China, Korea and we get to discuss about our country, its uniqueness and sometimes learn a word of two from each language. Fun!

And AYANA must strengthen your value of appreciating cultural differences?
Absolutely! AYANA’s philosophy creates an environment where you would feel that you are not only here to serve the guests, but also to work at your best and be a support to your friends, be it from the same or other departments. It reinforces you to set your bar higher in doing your job and appreciates you as an individual.

If you could share one of your traditions with your friends in Bali, what would it be?
I would love to teach my Indonesian friends how to make a Varenyky z vyshneu. It is a boiled dumpling with cherry, my favorite dessert from Ukraine.


Many regular visitors to Bali will tell you, finding a good wine at an affordable price has never been easy. But that all changed when a ‘made in Bali’ Australian wine range entered the market.

Here, Well-Placed Insider pours a glass of history from AYANA’S official house wine, Artisan Estate. Have a sip!

Derived from an Italian word, artigiano, Artisan means craftsman. It is an apt name for an estate formed in October 2009 by two great craftsmen; an Australian master winemaker and an Indonesian timber merchant.

Their success story started in 2001 with a big challenge: To establish a system of growing wine grapes in Australia and ultimately produce the wine in Bali. The quality, color and integrity expected of an Australian wine was to be the final result.

Craig Newton, an award-winning Australian winemaker and now Wine Marketing Specialist at Artisan Estate, set about exploring ways to achieve this goal. After years of research, the culmination marked the release of their first Artisan Chardonnay in 2009. This was soon followed by the Classic Chardonnay blend in 2010. In 2011, the highly praised Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz entered the market, the latter of which by the way, is Well-Placed Insider’s favorite!

Artisan Estate’s point of difference is quality at a great price. In the highly taxed Indonesian wine market, Artisan offers a quality Australian
wine at a locally produced price point. They manage to do this by importing 100% fresh wine grape juice from Western Australia into Bali. The delivery process must be done under strict temperature control, before it is then crafted into wine with meticulous attention to detail. That is what makes Artisan the local wine of choice for many of the top 5-star hotels and restaurants both in Bali and other regions of Indonesia.

When is a Western Australian wine not an Australian wine? When it is produced in Bali!

Artisan Estate is available at all restaurants and bars at AYANA Resort and Spa.