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As a Russian Guest Relations Officer, Dhika always surprises Russian guests with his fluency in speaking their language. Dark skinned with a lean figure and friendly face who seems very approachable, Dhika has never left Bali and inevitably makes quite an impression when he breaks out in Russian. Well-Placed Insider stuck to English to snatch a moment to find out more about this young man and his passion for learning foreign languages.

Where did you learn to speak Russian?

I took a 2 year course here in Bali instead of a formal education in a university. Let alone that I have never lived in Moscow, I have never lived anywhere else but here, but that does not stop me.

What other languages do you speak?

I also speak Japanese. Not as fluent as Russian but I can hold a conversation to the end. I am starting to learn Mandarin now.

What motivates you to learn these languages, despite never having traveled outside of Bali?

I love that my skill enables me to connect more closely with guests at AYANA, I love that it makes them comfortable with me and it is easier for me to know what they like or what they do not. But I am not doing this only for the guests, to be honest. I am doing this for my life in general. The best way to approach and to understand other people is to learn their language. That way, you are building a bridge with them, you will understand them better and they will open up to you. So I will continue to learn as many languages as possible.

Can you share with us the connection you make with language?

Russian guests may seem a bit distant at first. But once you are let into their comfort area, where they feel that they can talk to you in their language, you can easily gain their confidence. The same theory applies to Japanese guests. When they trust you, they trust you wholeheartedly. I have guests who are now part of my life, they have become friends with me now and wherever I work, they are always keen to experience staying at that place.

Who inspires you to have such interest in language?

My father and my family surroundings. I cannot get rid of a memory of when I was a kid and I saw this Balinese man speaking in Japanese. I was like oh that is pretty cool, speaking in other languages than Bahasa and English.

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else than working in the hospitality industry?

Yes. Working as an interpreter.

You seem like a man with a high level of perseverance, what made you so?

I understand that competition in the workforce can be very hard these days. I may not have a degree from a reputable university nor the chance to study abroad, like many other friends of mine. But that is the thing about language. Language is one thing that can take you to reach your goal. So, ambition is the reason why.




So yes the rumor has it. What you heard is true. We have completed a renovation of over 200 hotel rooms and suites, resulting in a major upgrade to guest comfort, amenities and overall experience with stylish new interiors and brand new furniture and decor.

The renovation has upgraded all categories of rooms in the Hotel, from standard rooms through to ocean suites and the privileged Club Floor. The design and style is a mix of both Balinese and modern architecture. Canopied beds and furniture featuring intricate carvings by Balinese artisans, traditional textiles such as batik bed runners, beautiful artworks crafted in villages around the island, plush sofas and cozy daybeds on balconies combine to provide an intimate sanctuary immersed in Balinese ambience. The earthy and torquoise tones of the duvet covers and throw cushions add splashes of color to the chic, neutral furnishings and natural woods.

Modern elements are evident in marble floors, sound-proof ceilings, chic lighting of solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes, iPod docking stations and well-stocked mini bars.
The bathrooms are …inviting! Equipped with rain showers and a huge free-standing tub that is big enough for two, while the spacious dressers and drawers are just perfect for a pampering vanity experience. Try not to glare at your reflection too much under the perfect lighting every time you walk into the room. Not easy.

Walls are painted with a water based environmentally friendly paint, and feature hand-carved woven rattan panels. In standard rooms, a traditional Balinese carved partition creates a feeling of extra living space, dividing the bed from the sitting area featuring a cozy round day-bed leading to the balcony for maximum ocean views.

Is that all? Certainly not. We also launched a new Club Connections Package? to provide Club-level guests with even more benefits, such as internet access in their rooms, sunset cocktails at Rock Bar, thalassotherapy?at the Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pool, cultural dinner and dance performance at Langit Theatre, and airport transfers.
And to give you a heads up, this is not our final hurrah. More to follow!