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Translated from German, Zeitgeist means "the spirit of the moment", and is the key principle underpinning AYANA's service philosophy. Here, we share our inside tips and favorite haunts to help you experience the AYANA Zeitgeist.

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Indonesian Independence Day falls on the 17th of August every year and is a major event for Indonesian people.

In search of spices, the Dutch arrived in Indonesia and established a foothold over Indonesian territories in 1605 and since then, up until 1945 when the Declaration of Independence was signed with Sukarno as the first President, many skirmishes were fought over this country.

As major producers, it’s no surprise that Indonesian food is rich with spices and herbs. The different contrasting flavors and textures make this cuisine a popular choice for diners.? Among the many types of spices used, nutmeg features extensively in the Indonesian kitchen. The nutmeg tree is native to the Moluccas (the Spice Islands) and has been known as a useful medicine in a number of Asian societies. Many types of stews, soups and main dishes have a pinch of nutmeg in them to enhance the flavor.

Join us to celebrate this joyous occasion of Indonesian Independence Day at Padi Restaurant, with our exclusive “Taste of Nusantara” buffet.

There were bratwurst, sauerkraut and sour-cherry pies served at AYANA’s staff canteen last week – a departure from the usual Indonesian fare which is served to the hotel’s 950+ staff each day.

The special meal service continued the tradition of the monthly ‘GT Lunch’, whereby members of the Executive Guidance Team (GT) take turns in creating a menu from their home countries to be served at the staff canteen. Past menus have included Italian, French, Filipino, Japanese, Australian and even Jamaican fare. This month, the ‘GT Lunch’ was presented by two new native German team members: Rooms Executive Assistant Manager, Martin Ehlers, and Executive Chef Bernhard Butz.

Along with the rest of the Guidance Team, Martin and Chef Bern joyfully decorated the canteen in German colors and served various delicious German delicacies to highly enthusiastic employees. They rounded off the event with an informative slideshow and prize-laden trivia games. No yodelling was provided but there were German folk-songs and live music performances by members of the hotel staff.

The special ‘GT Lunch’ menus are served for both Lunch and Dinner on the scheduled day, and include a ‘Fun Facts’ presentation and Quiz by the relevant Executive about his homeland. The purpose of such themed lunches is to add more variety to the canteen selection and to encourage an atmosphere of fun and learning, with unique experiences not only for guests but also for AYANA’s team members. A bonus side effect of these themed lunches is that they also help employees to understand better the preferences of guests from these countries, so that they can then serve them better.

Guten Appetit!



Flying high: There were singing, dancing and acrobatics last week when AYANA unveiled our expanded Ballroom and new meeting rooms, at a gala black-tie dinner for some 400 invited guests. The event coincided with AYANA’s appointment as a host hotel for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit this October. It was also an opportunity for guests to learn more about the upcoming opening of our sister hotel RIMBA Jimbaran Bali, scheduled for September. Another excuse for celebration this year!


AYANA Resort and Spa Bali was proud to once again sponsor the seventh annual Biznet Bali International Triathlon which took place on 23 June 2013 with a new course and a record number of participants.

The more than 1200 participants included three-time Ironman champion and 2009 World Championship runner up, Chris Lieto, and Indonesian swimming legend Richard Sam Bera, a three time Olympian and four-time All-American Championship icon. This year, there was a new running course that led Olympic-distance runners up ‘Heartbreak Hill’ from Jimbaran Beach to AYANA Resort and Spa. The challenging run included a steep hill that leveled out and became an undulating path along the main road to the grand entrance of AYANA.

In keeping with the Bali Triathlon tradition, after the main race on June 23, the weekend concluded with post-race sunset soiree at AYANA’s cliff edge lawn and continued with cocktails at the famous Rock Bar, complete with live music, food and camaraderie for both volunteers and athletes.

  1. “The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it” – Woodrow Wilson
  2. Run for your lives! Triathletes race towards the finish line at the end of the 10 KM leg
  3. This ain’t no fun biking… Triathletes take turn at the beginning of the 40 KM cycle leg.
  4. Rockin’ and rumblin’ after the runnin’ at AYANA’s post-race party
  5. and ending it with a bang!!!


The time has come again to give your mom her well-deserved break.
Many believe the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. At AYANA, this rule does not just apply to men. Women, especially mothers, love to indulge themselves, whether it be in delectable food, luscious spa treatments or some quiet time away from her daily routines and chores.
There are many ways you can choose to spoil your mom on this day, here are just a couple of ways that you can do so at AYANA:

  1. Reserve a table for two at one of AYANA’s 7 restaurants. It could be Padi or Damar Terrace if she has a taste for Asian cuisine, Sami Sami if Italian is her favorite or Dava if she wants to French it up! Before dinner, leave a secret note to the restaurant staff so that at the end of her meal, she will be presented with a Traditional pavlova with berries compote and white coffee ice cream. The sweetness of the fruits, crunchiness of the meringue and silkiness of the cream will end her dinner with a perfect twist. The Pavlova is available at Sami Sami, Padi, Damar Terrace and Dava only on May 12, Rp80,000++/portion.
  2. Let her know that she is and will always be “Forever Beautiful” ?with this 2, 5 hour treatment by the same name at Thermes Marins Bali Spa at AYANA. It will begin with a Frangipani Bouquet Massage using natural frangipani flowers, followed by a body scrub or masque, and flower milk bath filled with red roses and white frangipanis. At the end of the treatment, Mom will enjoy a Thermes Marins refreshing facial to leave her skin more radiant and youthful looking -to have people guessing if she really is a mother! Forever Beautiful is priced at RP2,300,000++ per person. Available with a Gift Certificate to be delivered directly to Mom on Mother’s Day.

PS: Whichever way you choose to show your affection, do not forget to tell her that you love her. Those simple three words will give you a smile worth a thousand words!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!

Thank you to all guests for your support over 2012. We celebrated with a countdown party and took some happy snaps below. What a way to bid farewell to 2012 and welcome 2013…

Mike's Band take to the stage: Rock Bar's most popular performance of 2012 came back from their hometown Jakarta to usher in 2013.


DJ Mandra, spinning his mantra!


Happy peole, happy faces joining the countdown.


Putting on a game face to welcome a new exciting year.


Lead singer Mike had the crowd spellbound with his beautiful voice.


Elva, the liquid chef, shakes it up.


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Indonesia celebrated Independence Day on 17 August, here are some photos of the activities at AYANA that day involving both staff and guests. Great fun!

The commander in chief for the Independence Day Ceremony

The Flag Raisers

Guests participating in bakiak race (racing in group using one large wooden made shoes)


And AYANA staff participating in the all-time favorite tug of war


Not to be missed: the classic sack race!


And enlivening a tradition: the contest to eat crackers with your hands tied behind your back. Not so easy!



Sir Norman Jay, who performed for President Obama’s inauguration and received a medal from the Queen of England for his services to music, opened Bali’s high season at Rock Bar on 23 June. Over 500 guests came to enjoy sunset before dancing the night away to classic soul, reggae, hip hop, and house beats under the starry sky. Enjoy these snapshots of the event.

Audio Flirt warmed up the crowd, along with Jack McCord (Hed Kandi), Martin East and Joe White.

Hula hoops lit up the dance floor


Dancing under - and with- the stars

Sir Norman Jay in action. Doing what he does best.

There’s just a few days to go before International Mother’s Day, this Sunday. Another excuse to give your mother the attention she deserves. Be it a simple card that says ‘I love you’, flowers, or a shawl you know she’s been eyeing. Well-Placed Insider shares a few experiences from AYANA staff on the Do’s and Don’ts of spoiling your mother.

Jusman So, Chef de Cuisine, Dava

DO: Make your Mother one of her favorite dishes. Anything she likes! Difficult? Learn from an expert. I asked my father to teach me how to make the best “popiah” (fresh spring roll famous in Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia) for my Mother. She loved it and didn’t care a bit that it was a little salty!
DON’T: Reserve a table at a nice restaurant for her and ask your father to pay half of the bill. If it is a vacation to Bora Bora, it is another story.

Tressabel Hutasoit, PR & Marketing Communications Manager
DO: Have your own children make a Mother’s Day card for your mother ie their grandmother. When I was 5, I made one for my grandmother. Apparently, it was the first Mother’s Day card that Grandma Rose ever received and ever since, it has become a family tradition which she has cherished.
DON’T: Insist your children’s grandmother place the cards on the fridge. They do not need to be told so. They will do it. They will tell their bridge club about it.

Diah Wahyuni, Spa Manager
DO: Reserve your mother a full day treatment at her favorite Spa. Or treat her to one of the??Day Spa Treatments?at AYANA Spa. I once assisted a young lady who wanted to surprise her mother with a spa treat. Her mother was blown away with happiness and felt so touched.
DON’T: Enroll her at a hot yoga class nearby to your place (which is an hour drive from hers) because you can benefit from the health club’s “ask a friend to join” program.

LAST WORD: All in all, the only thing your mother needs to know is that you love and appreciate her. She needs to hear that. If not every day, then this Sunday will do.

Happy Mother’s day, Moms of every generation!